Pardon My Pancreas - Type 1 Diabetes with Matt Vande Vegte

I Found Out My Doctor Sabotaged My A1C

September 05, 2023 FTF Warrior Season 5 Episode 36
Pardon My Pancreas - Type 1 Diabetes with Matt Vande Vegte
I Found Out My Doctor Sabotaged My A1C
Show Notes

In today’s podcast episode, we cover something quite disturbing…

How to identify IF you can trust your doctor’s advice…

Alongside an example from my life when I found out I was unknowingly sabotaging my own diabetes as well.

It all comes down to this thing called subconscious “L.O.A.” decisions…

And if you’re not aware of it - it might be the ONE thing holding you back from finally getting blood sugars (and life) more controlled.

Coming off of a week-long cruise vacation, this episode was a deep topic to dive right back into…

But I know that it’s necessary to cover this for those like me… Renegades who refuse to “settle” for just surviving with diabetes.


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Disclaimer: While we share our experiences with diabetes, nothing we discuss should be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or medical professional for your health and diabetes management.