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Pardon My Pancreas
Intramuscular Insulin Injections For High Blood Sugars!
March 19, 2019 FTF Warrior

1. Consult medical team before any adjustments to your healthcare 
2. Learn the proper methods of I.M. shots from credible sources
3. Consider your hypos and how your body reacts!

Welcome to the Pardon My Pancreas podcast!! This show is all about the REAL life with diabetes. Your two host are Matt Vande Vegte & Ali Abdulkareem. Both type 1 diabetics, both diabetes advocates, both diabetes content creators. Matt is the man behind the brand at FTF Warrior which is an tribe dedicated to helping people living with diabetes achieve a healthier life through online coaching while Ali is the creator of the Diabetes Daily Hustle from the Youtube vlogs and podcast show! 

This episode is sponsored by FTF Warrior. An online community for diabetics dedicated to helping people live a healthier life!

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Disclaimer: While we share our experiences with diabetes, nothing we discuss should be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or medical professional for your health and diabetes management


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